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This system has been created using simplicity and response as the theme. The system mirrors the complaint register at the MES service centre and complaint is directly registered with the concerned Maintenance cell, but now it is automatically accessible to all station and MES appointments.

This is an online system, hence has no application or hardware installation. The website can be accessed by any computer which can access internet.

The application is customised for the station using the details of areas/units and the MES structure/appointments which maintain them. This enables all MES/station appointments to view the complaints in real time as the resident enters the complaint.

Married Accomodation occupants need to self register and create an unique login name or "AREA cum Quarter No" (ACQ No) using their Area Name, Block No and Flat No. Personal details of occupant are not necessary.

Using this login, complaints can be registered to the respective Maintenance Cell and on successful registration a unique complaint No is received. The complaint details, their present status and total complaints with MES can also be viewed.

Units (OTM accn) will have an independent login and password, using which they can register complaints. Complaints can be lodged using this login at the same time from multiple locations.

Rights has been provided to MES JE to update the status of complaint from "pending to completed" or update "action taken/being taken" status.

MES/station appointments are provided with independent Login. With their respective Login and password, each appointment will be able to view the status of complaints pertaining to his area/domain.

The following issues are being addressed:

1. Each ACQ No being unique, hence each house will have the same login irrespective of occupant. Therefore, every successive occupant has the history of maintenance automatically available at the time of house allotment.

2. The system is simple in that the occupant only needs to address the complaint as Building BR or Water Supply or Electric etc which is on a dropdown, Select tradesman required, enter details of complaint and the system automatically generates a unique complaint No. Simultaneously the complaint is visible to the respective Maint Cell, AGE/GE/CWE and station appointments.

3. Each occupant on his login, is informed, as to the complaints attended by the GE and his staff in his area. In addition, the summary of complaints completed by the MES over a period of time, say weekly or fortnightly or monthly is also displayed.

4. Presently the only method to info GE/CWE/Station about pending complaints is to physically see the complaint register at the service centre. However, this online system enables all to view status of complaints in real time as also their summary, areawise,GE wise,CWE wise or station wise.

5. Station and MES appointments can finalise options to address pending complaints under regular daily maintenance or inclusion in annual maintenance programme or sanction special repairs. This information can also be utilised to collate pending complaints and approve annual/ periodic maintenance programmes and CWEs/GEs to issue Technical Sanctions.

6. Priority status to complaints from important station appointments is possible with the GE empowered to mark their houses as "priority". Scheduling of complaints for completion at a future date is also possible for information within the MES appointments.

7. A feedback from occupants informing GE and other occupants of the area on common issues is also inbuilt.

8. Areawise summary and feedback enables station/AWWA to concentrate on Field Area Family accomodation areas and address their complaints on priority.

9. The system can also intimate the occupant about furniture availability at the BSO yard and the latest meter reading recorded by the meter reader after updation by BSO.


1. AGE B/R maintenance - B/R building internal portion to include built-in furniture, water supply inside the building from storage tank (including cleaning), staircase, portico and terrace, and including roads, paths, gates, compound walls, sewerage lines, storm water drains, open areas.

2. AGE E/M maintenance - E/M building internal portion inside the building Not extending beyond main board.

3. AGE E/M External elect - E/M external to building upto and including main boards and meters (within building), streetlights, transmission lines, poles, transformers and receiving stations.

4. AGE E/M External water sup - Water supply external to building upto inlet into overhead service tank on terrace or roof, overhead storage tanks, underground sumps, fire fighting arrangements, pump house and sewerage treatment plants (STP).

5. AGE E/M Plant&Machinery - Lifts, Central AC plants, Single unit ACs , Special machinery in Hospitals.

6. BSO - Furniture (other than built-in) and polishing of all furniture including built-in, meter reading and raising of bills.


In addition, complaints can also be sent through SMS (specific format) after occupant registers his mobile No after his login (not mandatory). A return SMS will be received indicating his unique complaint No on his mobile. In addition, if occupant provides his Email Id (not mandatory), a system generated mail is also sent while registering a complaint, status updation and its completion by MES.

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